Courthouse Fall - $270,000

Our client was at the Maury County courthouse over a custody hearing for her granddaughter. She was unfamiliar with the courthouse. The ladies restroom at the Maury County courthouse required visitors to step up two steps of different height in order to get into the bathroom. However, the second step was not visible until the bathroom door was open. The steps, which failed to comply with applicable building codes and industry standards, presented visitors with a dangerous condition.  Because of this condition, our client tripped over the top of the second step causing her to fall to the ground and suffer a badly broken ankle. We filed suit against the County. The County blamed our client for not seeing the warning sign that was taped to the outside of the door. Through discovery and investigation, we learned that the County was aware of numerous previous falls at this location, yet did nothing to try to fix the problem. The case settled shortly before trial. Because this case was against a governmental entity, the maximum amount we could recover under Tennessee law was $300,000.