Emergency Room Negligence – Epinephrine Medication Error

Our client presented to the emergency room with symptoms consistent with an allergic reaction, which would've been an easily treatable condition. The emergency room doctor assessed the patient and correctly ordered an epinephrine injection subcutaneously to counteract the allergic reaction. Unfortunately, the nurse who gave our client the injection incorrectly administered the medication intravenously (in her vein) resulting in severe strain to our client’s heart and cardiovascular injury. As a result, our client suffered permanent cardiac damage as well as severe post-traumatic stress. Because of the medication error, our client will require medication to manage her cardiac issues for the rest of her life. After taking depositions, the case resolved for a confidential amount.  Unfortunately, emergency room errors involving the administration of epinephrine happen more frequently than expected.  The Matthews Firm attorneys have handled multiple cases involving incorrect administration of epinephrine and other medications in the emergency room setting.