Industrial Plant Accident – Safety Rules Violated

Our client was a welder at a steel mill in Arkansas. He suffered a fall into a deep pit left exposed by another contractor at the plant. At the time of this incident, the plant was shutdown for maintenance and all of the overhead lighting was off, which prevented our client from seeing the exposed pit before the fall.  Through the use of experts, we determined that the team of contractors who exposed the open pit violated multiple OSHA regulations and internal safety policies. Our client suffered significant injuries, including broken bones, collapsed lungs, and torn shoulder ligaments. Our client's medical bills exceeded $100,000.  Through the use of vocational rehabilitation we were able to prove our client would never be able to return to his previous job due to his injuries. Our firm filed the lawsuit against the contractor company responsible for exposing the fall hazard in state court in Shelby County, Tennessee. The case resolved at mediation for $600,000 plus a waiver of the workers compensation subrogation lien of over $250,000 for a total value to our client for over $800,000. Shelby County Circuit Court No. CT-002149-15.