Tractor Truck Wreck – Verdict for $2.4 Million - 2018

Our client was a Canadian truck driver who delivered a load to the General Motors plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee. While outside of the loading docks at the facility, he saw another truck driver that he knew and the two began talking. The other truck driver was getting ready to leave the plant but needed to back his truck up to connect to his trailer. Our client offered to help his friend by removing the jack stand holding up the trailer, so that the other driver could back his truck up under the trailer. Unfortunately, the other driver did not wait for our client to get clear of the truck and proceeded to back up anyway resulting in our client being crushed between the truck and trailer. Our client suffered severe crush injuries including multiple pelvic fractures. The truck company refused to fully compensate our client, so together with the law firm that originally had the case, we took the case to trial before a Middle Tennessee jury. After the week long trial, the jury returned a verdict for over $3.4 Million. Because the jury also found that our client was 29% at fault for the incident, the raw verdict was reduced to just over $2.4 Million. It is one of the largest jury verdicts ever awarded in Maury County. Note: Because the verdict exceeded the limit on non-economic damages allowed under Tennessee law, the case settled for $2,2230,000 shortly after the verdict was returned. Filip Miler vs. Transit Logistics Solutions, Inc., Maury Co. Circuit Case No: 15313.